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How many cookies should I take?

2-3 as required before each feed.


Is there a limit to amount of cookies I can eat?

No as they are totaly healthy & natural organic ingredients.


Are the Lactation cookies dairy free?

Yes they are Dairy free, gluten free & nut free. PLEASE NOTE if you suffer from severe food allergies our products are made in a commercial kitchen that may contain nuts or gluten products.


Can family members eat my cookies?

Yes they can and will as they taste so good. You may need to keep them locked away. You could tell them they may lactate if they eat them but in actual reality they will not.


Is the Mommy Milk Booster safe to take while pregnant?

Its always advisable to consult your own doctor when taking supplements as they are the professionals.


What is the difference between Mommy Milk Booster and the Mommy Milk Booster Plus?

The Mommy Milk Booster Plus Does the same as The basic Mommy Milk Booster but the Plus refers to the Added Collagen to provide extra health benefits. ( Please see product details for more info ).


Do you add any preservatives to your products?

No we do not. We believe in being totally fresh and natural products as well as sourcing ingredients locally.


How should I store my products?

As soon as our products reach your home you should always keep them in your fridge for best flavor and freshness. and in an air tight container.