Mommy Milk Booster Plus


Mommy Milk Booster Plus


Our Milk Booster Plus powder contains natural healthy ingredients to bring you this multipurpose product.In addition to having proven results with nursing the PLUS side brings you plenty Collagen.The benefits are :  Promotes Skin Elasticity, Holds together your bones and muscles, Protects your organs and Provides structure to joints and tendons. Its worth doing a little research on Collagen to learn about all the benefits of this vital protein.

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 Our Mummy Milk Booster PLUS  can be added to almost anything, smoothies, cereal, muffins, and so much more. Simply add the recommend amount to your own cooking.  

Gluten and dairy free as well as vegan friendly.

Contains Debittered Brewers Yeast, Oats, Flax, Moringa Powder and Collagen.


Always consult a medical professional before taking supplements of any kind.


1 pouch = approx. 1 months supply.

Recommend 2 teaspoon per day